Montageständer Lambretta bgm PRO BGM7980

New auxiliary stand for Lambretta 1-3

Our new auxiliary stands are very sought after. Indeed, they are a very useful tool to easily and quickly lift, move and park your scooter.

In this article we show you our new bgm PRO stand. Once you have disassembled the engine, you can mount this paddock in a few simple steps by fixing it on the shock absorber mounting and on the engine mounting on the frame. Done! Now you can easily move your Lambretta, also wothout engine.

And if you don’t need your paddock any longer, you can just fold it for storage. It really takes little space.

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Easy to use

Practical and easy to use, this stand enables you to safely move or park your Lambretta and keep on doing repair and maintenance works for your scooter.

Montageständer Lambretta | Auxiliary stand | Attrezzo alzamoto

Top quality and reliable stability

Buy here bgm PRO auxiliary stand


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