Bandana scarf with Scooter Center motives

This Scooter Center tubular scarf with the logos of our brands bgm & MOTO NOSTRA is perfect for scooter riders.

Especially in the current corona situation it can also be worn as a mouth and nose protector. Practical especially at the petrol station. A true multi-functional cloth protects the neck from icy wind, keeps the ears warm from draughty wind under the helmet. During a break, the cloth keeps the hair tied in a braid – it all depends on how the pilot or pillion rider wears the Scooter Center tubular cloth.

  • Tubular scarf made of 100 % microfibre (130 gsm)
  • Size: 25 x 50 cm
  • as neckerchief, cap, headband, bracelet, desert scarf, face mask ..
  • machine washable
  • heat-insulating and breathable
  • washable at 60° C
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Multifunctional cloth

Perfect to wear e.g. under a helmet, as a mouth guard, scarf, cap, etc.

Great colors with the logos of Scooter Center | Moto Nostra | bgm – Ideal for scooter riders, Vespa, Lambretta etc.
Fits e.g. under every helmet, whether as a cloth under a jet helmet, full visor, full face or cross helmet.

The Scooter Center Bandana is multifunctional: hair band, bracelet, sweatband, cap, headscarf, even useful in an emergency for bandages and loops. Currently also very practical when refuelling to have a stylish corona mouthguard at the cash desk.

Product details: 100% microfibre, 130 gsm

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